The well is dry

I think it may be time to draw this comic to a close.

I’m very sad about this, but for a variety of reasons, my attention hasn’t been here. Either I’ve been working on other projects or my ideas just don’t seem good enough. I’ve held off and told myself that I’m taking a break, that I should only post when I’m actually inspired and excited to do so… and suddenly it’s over six months since the last vignette.

I’m so loathe to admit this is the end that I’m still promising myself the chance to upload sculptures when I’m inspired. However, that isn’t looking very likely at the moment; I hope it changes, but I’m not sure it will. So rather than leave this webcomic dangling, I thought I should acknowledge the fact.

But huge thanks to everyone who has stopped by. It’s such a thrill to know that I’ve managed to delight and entertain people I’ve never met with my little sculptures. Thank you so much for your appreciation.

I hope to find new ways of bringing you moments of joy and amusement. And tiny tentacles. :}