When you’re feeling down…

… It’s good to have a cat around.

Our cat was very cuddly while I was overwhelmed with a migraine on Monday. Between all the stuff we need to get done in the next month and the inevitable stress related migraines, I expect I’ll be missing a few day here and there.

One of the stressors is the fact that I don’t have much time left with our cat. Through a combination of things out of my control (the UK’s mandatory 6 month quarantine, her age, concern about how the long flight could hurt her, the potential difficulty of finding a flat that will let us keep her, etc.) I pretty much have to give her up.

In two weeks, some (awesome!) friends of ours will take over her care. I know she’ll be in good hands and will be spoiled like the queen that she is. But, man… I’m going to miss her.

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  • Ts

    I feel you… =(